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Looking to get involved? We're so excited to hear that! There are many ways for you to help. From donating to offering skilled involvement to supporting our handmade shop, you will be helping women better their situations. Follow the page links to learn more.


Our World

We have served over 15,000 women and children in South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda.


Our Promise

100% of funds are used to benefit those in greatest need in conflict-affected countries.


Our Reach

We support local solutions: 100% of our paid staff is African.

6 million people in South Sudan live on less than $1 per day

Help us offer the support, tools, and skills that allow women to move from poverty to self-sufficiency

Our Solution

Grow Self-Sufficiency

At our farm schools, women learn to grow crops to feed themselves and their families

Grow Skills

Our adult education classes teach literacy, basic numeracy, hygiene, and nutrition

Grow Independence

Our revolving fund supports women as they start their own business

Grow Hope

Our emergency relief programs help those in the most desperate circumstances

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Join us in helping women to grow:

Our Story

DRDA was founded by Karak Denyok in 2003. Karak was born in the Nuba mountains of Sudan and experienced first hand the brutality of war. As a child she and her family were forced to leave their village and move to a refugee camp. The violence and poverty that she saw at every hand left her with the determination to do something to alleviate that suffering. Since its inception, DRDA has served over 15,000 women and children in countries ravaged by violent conflict.


Would you like to help further our cause in helping woman and children? Visit our Get Involved page to see opportunities to volunteer. If you have any other questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here through our form. We can also be reached by mail at PO Box 300515 Denver, CO 80204.